Hired by the Just Giving team as a UX consultant to help them create a better experience around their product utilising some design thinking. I worked closely with their design lead and we came up with a design strategy, brand style guide and conceptual UX and designs for their website. 
Storyboard sketch for Just Giving style guide
Wireframe layout example of Just Giving homepage 
Sketch work for internal pages of the proposed Just Giving site
Overall I spent 5 months at, working internally and along side an external agency. I set up a design strategy, looking at how the design team could be best implemented within the working structure of the company. I worked on the delivery of designs and templates for the new site including UX, UI and concept work. I also directed the creation of a brand style guide, plus the development of a search based pattern library for internal use
Below are examples of the design treatments I worked on
Homepage examples 
About us examples 
Brand guide examples 

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